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The Establishment of BTC-Retail

In 2016, 3 garden centre chains with a total of 17 branches decided to join forces and set up a joint service organisation, BTC-Retail. Internally, we refer them as “the 3 family groups”, described below in a nutshell:



The “B” of Bosrand:

They are a group of 5 garden centres, owned by the van Haaster family, located in Oegstgeest, Wassenaar, Alphen a/d Rijn, Woerden and Rijsbergen. It is a true family business, where the next generation has been making its appearance in recent years. The strength of de Bosrand lies in the daily fresh 'green', as we refer to the flowers and plants trade internally. The Van Haaster family is distinguished by their enormous drive.




The “T” of Tuinwereld:

They are a group of 4 garden centres, owned by different entrepreneurs, located in Wijchen, Malden, Tiel and Bocholt (D). Tuinwereld was the result of the friendship among various entrepreneurs. The strength of Tuinwereld lies in its pioneering mentality, and its unique experience in garden furniture.




The “C” of Coppelmans:

A group of 8 garden centres, located amongst others, Nuenen, Oisterwijk, Oss and Valkenswaard, all run by one family, but independent of each other. The strength of the Coppelmans lies in a competitive price strategy. The typical Brabant sociability runs through the Coppelmans family, which is appreciated every now and then!




Garden centre Coppelmans Helmond
Akkerweg 70
5706 LL Helmond
0492 - 523910


Garden centre Coppelmans Nuenen
Vorsterdijk 12
5674 AG Nuenen


Garden centre Coppelmans Oisterwijk
Heukelomseweg 26
5059 AK Heukelom (gem. Oisterwijk)


Garden centre Coppelmans Oirschot
Bestseweg 53
5688 NP Oirschot


Garden centre Coppelmans Oss
Frankenbeemdweg 50
5346 JJ Oss


Garden centre Coppelmans Valkenswaard
Nieuwe Waalreseweg 199
5552 EJ Valkenswaard


Garden centre Coppelmans Veldhoven Sondervick
Sondervick 19
5505 NA Veldhoven


Coppelmans Deurne (Tuinactueel)
Helmondseweg 118
5751PH Deurne


De Bosrand

Garden centre De Bosrand Alphen a/d Rijn
Prinsen Schouw 1
2394 CX Alphen a/d Rijn
(Navigatie: Hazerswoude-Rijndijk)


Garden centre De Bosrand Oegstgeest
De boeg 10
2343 HK Oegstgeest
071205 7050


Garden centre De Bosrand Rijsbergen
Antwerpseweg 30A
4891 CP Rijsbergen


Garden centre De Bosrand Wassenaar
Rijksstraatweg 361B
2245 AB Wassenaar


Garden centre De Bosrand Woerden
Rietveld 36A
3443 XC Woerden



TuinWereld Malden
Broekkant 90
6581 AH Malden


TuinWereld Tiel
Zoelensestraat 39a
4013 CP Kapel Avezaath


TuinWereld Wijchen
Bijsterhuizen 30-04
6604 LR Wijchen


Gartenwelt Bocholt
Siemensstraße 32 
46395 Bocholt 





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